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About Shape Pilates

Daniel Alford
Director / Trainer
Accredited Exercise Physiologist,
Personal Trainer, Pilates Specialist

Daniel has extensive history working with a wide range of clients from hospital based rehabilitation to sports performance and personal training.  The reformer pilates classes Daniel runs are a blend of clinical pilates and dynamic high intensity pilates. This allows clients of different levels and abilities to achieve great results.

All the classes are motivating, fun and energising.

A boutique studio with a personal feel. You will not be lost in the crowd like at a gym.

The shape Pilates studio is stocked with the NEW Allegro 2 reformers from America. The worlds best spin bikes - Body Bike from Denmark. The great new yoga wall – the updated version of the rope wall derived from Iyengar yoga, black concept 2 rowers, group heart rate monitoring and feedback from Suunto, plus much more for you to experience. Coupled with specially selected music for each group you are guaranteed to be motivated for each session.