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Shape Reformer Pilates Melbourne

Shape Reformer Pilates

Shape Reformer Pilates Melbourne is a balanced, fun and energising class aimed to help you achieve a toned, tight, strong, athletic and flexible body. All levels of fitness, flexibility and strength are welcome as the reformer machines are able to adjust to your level and goals. The whole body workout is perfect for males and females to work on all those stubborn areas like abdominals, thighs, hips, bum and arms. With no more than 6 people per class you will get the assistance, guidance and motivation to achieve great results.

Reformer machines use different springs for a totally adjustable workout. We also use different props like balls, and rings to challenge your muscles in different ways. Each and every time you attend a class you will be able to experience new fun exercises to improve your body. Clients look forward and enjoy their classes knowing that they wont be doing the same thing each time. Clients always comment on how quickly the 50 minute class goes because they are having so much fun. This class helps you achieve a lean athletic balanced body.